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It would be great if there are a balance of insights from looking at this from love/nature/cycles/evolution, as well as practical tips for people to use in their life at home.

Peggy Liu

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  • How can people show love in a time where physical contact is not practical? What can replace a hug, a kiss, a touch?

    Love and affection are critical in our lives. To have it taken away can be devastating.

  • What are some simple practical ways people can put in a daily practice at home to deal with the rapid change? 

    People may be feeling fear and grief. What are some practices that people can adopt?

  • How can we respond to collective grief?

    This is a new question. 

  • What phrases can we use in global conversations that would help steer global mindset in positive, productive ways?

    Think about phrasing. Words have power.

  • How can people react to the Virus event with love rather than fear? 

    What are some simple things people can do?

  • What are specific ways we can rebuild a post-COVID world, as the current world system falls apart?

    Please keep your response short.

Tbird Luv Sound Meditations


Surrender to the Light


If you create a pre-recorded meditation and send it to us, we can feature them in upcoming events. 

Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche made this video #prayer for me to share with you during the #Equinox as we #meditate with his 150 monks and nuns, and #friends around the world to usher in the new world at 2:45 GMT.
It's beautiful, thank you so much!
Shyalpa is the name of his monastery. His given name, Tenzin, means "Truth Bearer".

Today, first of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to all those who are affected by this coronavirus disease. Especially those families who are badly affected in Wuhan, China, Italy, Spain, and America as well as all over the world. We are doing prayers, for those who die from this pandemic #COVID-19 so that all the deceased beings will be able to rest in peace.
Since the beginning, when this coronavirus disease was detected in some patients in Wuhan China, we have been praying continuously so that coronavirus disease will be dispelled and everyone recover from this fear and anxiety and suffering that everyone has had all over the world. I was asked by my friends all over the world to express my feelings to inspire people and encourage people to fight this pandemic virus so that people would be able to live in a meaningful way and a peaceful way and prosperous way. So I would like to set a few words out so that we can come together to fight this coronavirus, so that we can all come together to share our love and feelings, and camaraderie with each other.
The important thing for all of us to realize is that everyone around the world were not able to maintain a balanced way of life with our environment and nobody was really seriously living in a hygienic and holistic way, and more than that everybody was just totally distracted in an external materialistic way. And nobody was able to embrace a spiritual way of living. That is the main cause where we find lapses, and this is how this pandemic seems to have started.
In the twenty-first century it is very important for us all to have a sophisticated way to handle our day to day life, and that can only happen if we all embrace a natural way of living and a spiritual way of living. And today, now, after this horrific experience that everyone has to endure we are now thinking about the importance of meditation; we are now having this opportunity, so to speak, to really find ways to guard ourselves from all the obstacles and difficulties we are facing and we might face from now onwards. So very soon all over the world people will be able to realize more that meditation is very important, learning how to spiritually handle our day-to-day experience is very very important.
The way to handle day-to-day experience is to really be aware, really have awareness of nowness instead of thinking about the past, instead of thinking about the future instead of attaching to what is conditional. We must be able to realize the true value of the unconditional asset that is Life itself, that is endowed with Buddha, and enjoyment and Buddha meaning happiness. Happiness is not something we can get from outside. Happiness is something that we have to achieve by going within ourselves.
This pandemic situation is somehow putting us in our own place so to speak where people today all over the world are in their home, in their own places, like we are here, in the monastery.
When we are inside the house it is very important to us now to really relate to our inner essence, the Unconditional way of being. With that I think we will be able to discover something very very valuable.
To relate to the Unconditional Essence by being and living in a most natural way, to live in the moment as if there were no next moment; by realizing the sacredness of each and every second that we are experiencing.
Some people are saying that we should breathe and observe breathing. That’s true, but when you can observe breathing you have to remember the importance of the breath, the quality of the breath, which is Life itself. When you embrace, when you actualize, when you experience the quality of your being then it is really meaningful. You don’t need to have somebody observing the breath but breath itself becomes who you are. This is something that I feel is very important when you are meditating: starting with observing the breath, is a good way,
however observing the breath is not the answer. Actualizing the essence of the breath is what we are all looking for. The importance of breath is something all must realize. As this coronavirus is reminding us of the importance of our breath and the essence of our breath we come to realize that this breath is saying: “everyone is experiencing the same breath, therefore everyone is meaningful, everyone deserves respect, everyone’s life is important.” Recognizing that everyone’s life is important as your life is important is very very chief here today when we are meditating.

Meditation is not just for ourselves to get well. They say meditation is to acknowledge, realize, the vulnerability of everyone as we are experiencing now. By recognizing and realizing this vulnerability of everyone as we are experiencing now, it is important to recognize and realize the value of everyone’s breath. When you have opportunity to value everyone’s breath you will be able to respect everyone. Every being including animal beings.
At this particular time it is very important for us all to realize that we all must live in peace. We all must live peacefully, with the environment, with all things, with our friends, with our families because nothing is more precious, nothing is more valuable than peace. Peace in the world, peace within is the most important thing that we must realize from this experience. From now on we must learn not to take our lives for granted, and realize the preciousness of Life and the Impermanence of our life, and the certainty of Death.
This coronavirus pandemic is teaching us that we all are very very vulnerable, therefore to acknowledge our vulnerability and acknowledge everyone’s vulnerability. By recognizing everyone’s vulnerabilities we must generate compassion, we must generate love. We must share and we must care for everyone equally as we would like to have care for ourselves. We would like to care for our own lives as we are doing now by remaining in solitude.
This also is something that I am telling to myself, not just what I am trying to tell you what to do, as I’m here at my home in the monastery, in a secluded place completely locked down. Because we follow the rules here in Nepal. The Nepali government has made rules to not have anybody come out from their house so we are following and observing this. Similarly, everybody is observing this, and leaders are telling us to do this because Life is important, they recognize that their life is important.
All over the world leaders are leading to the best of their abilities. All over the world I notice that on television every one who is leading are trying their best, especially those doctors and nurses, those and the police, those care-givers. They are working so hard for us. We have to recognize how precious their lives are, how precious our life is—they are no different. I pray for all of them, I pray for all of us, that we all may be able to overcome these difficulties very soon.
And I see that it will not be so difficult for us to overcome if we are all united, if we all follow social distancing, if we all remain in our own homes until we are all able to flatten this out.
At this moment all we can do is pray for everyone, for everyone to free themselves from the suffering of coronavirus and other many diseases. May everyone be free from anxiety and fear, may everyone realize the preciousness of human life and never take life for granted. May everyone be able to respect all beings equally, and may everyone be able to love every sentient being as they would like to be loved themselves and experience love for themselves from all beings.
I know right now it seems very difficult for everyone, including all of us, but this, too, shall pass, and we will be able to recover from this and everybody will be able to make sense out of this, and everybody will be able to learn something from this.
Economically, also, we will be able to recover from this financial crisis that was brought to us by this pandemic disease.
With this I would like to wish you all a safe and healthy life, and please take care of yourself and follow the rules and norms that were set to curb this disease, the social distancing and wearing masks which is so important. That is why we are following this and wearing this mask even while I am talking to you and sending this message to you all. Thank you very much, and Tashi Delek from Kathmandu, Nepal.

 - Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche

A Prayer For All Beings In The Time of Pandemic 

Sublime Lama, inseparable from the protector of all beings,
Medicine Buddha, Long Life Buddha, and Liberating Mother Tara,
The One Who Suppresses All Appearance and Existence With Splendor,
Rare and supreme refuge, please look upon us with your compassion.

Alas, due to the faults of myself and all sentient beings,
We are not liberated from the disease of the three poisons.
Collective good fortune is weak and nearly exhausted,
And we are haunted by the stress of previous karmic debt.

All human beings are enduring this frightening pandemic of coronavirus.
As advised by the divine forces with compassionate motivation,
We, as spiritual beings, perform purification prayers and mountain fire puja.

Now, all who are suffering from the discursive thought of samsara,
Those who have weakened immune systems, and particularly the elderly,
Are facing the the mara of death

From a disease that brings unbearable anxiety and fear.
From a germ that spread from Wuhan China,
Tens of thousands of human lives have been lost,
And hundreds of thousands may still be taken by covid-19.

With this disease, one may first lose taste and smell,
Then experience sore throat and cough,
Joint pain, dizziness, weakness in body,
High fever, and labored breathing.

For protection, wash hands again and again,
Wear a mask, don’t touch your face,
And follow social distancing.
Practice solitary, silent meditation, practice yoga or other exercise.

Everyone is fearful and anxious,
Just through hearing the name of this poisonous disease
That has never been seen before, a threat to body and mind.

May this disease be quickly dispelled and may all beings have faith and devotion
For the Lama, who is the embodiment of all the Enlightened Ones.
While our body, speech, and mind are locked down within our homes
By intense fear of disease and famine,
May we realize the true essence of human life,
And may we actualize the awareness of gloriously supreme compassionate mind!

While feeling unlimited compassion for beings suffering from their karma,
I aspired to have the power to protect the lives and prosperity of all beings, including myself.
At that time, the wonderful lady from China, Peggy Liu, requested me to write a prayer during this time of pandemic.

I, Jigme Tenzin Wangpo, spontaneously wrote this aspiration prayer for the benefit all beings.

1. Padmasambhava
2. The three poisons of attachment, aversion, and ignorance
3. The Lama is the enlightened spiritual being


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